from Bisci Verdicchio di Matelica with a Panzanella di Primavera #ItalianFWT

In the glass, the Verdicchio was true to its name which derives from ‘verde’, meaning ‘green,’ and refers to the slight greenish, yellowish hue that wines made from the grape can have. It looked like Spring in the glass! Doesn’t it?

With an intense nose, I imagined bergamot as I stuck my nose in the glass. On the palate, this wine is intensely crisp with a mineral edge. It’s a lovely, balanced wine and paired wonderfully with my chosen dish. I can also see it as a great flavor foil to cheeses or seafood dishes.

I love Spring, especially the produce. It’s so fresh and hopeful. I wanted to feature some of the beautiful Spring produce that we can get at this time on California’s central coast in a Spring-y version of panzanella, a traditional Italian bread salad. I couldn’t find any baby artichokes, yet, so those are from a can. But the asparagus is crisp, fresh, and wonderfully in-season.