Grape Collective speaks with longtime Bisci winemaker Aroldo Bellelli.

Christopher Barnes: Talk a little bit about the history of Bisci.

Aroldo Bellelli: Well, Bisci’s a historical estate in Le Marche. You can consider that the denomination here is one of the oldest in Italy from ’67. Bisci started to bottle in ’82, but they had the land since ’74. They hold this work respecting the local variety, Verdicchio, and respecting the soil that is mainly clay or clay-limestone and always looking toward the respect of what we produce in the vineyard.

Why Verdicchio? Verdicchio has had a history here for a long time and it adapted here very well. It is a very generous grape and here, in this climate situation, it gives the best because it’s really generous. The generosity is both in the production, in the texture you get in the bottle, and in that very nice acidity you get in a bottle. And, you know, the two things together; minerality and acidity really are the best combination for a white wine. And here, you get the best expression of Verdicchio.

So, the two very famous areas in Le Marche for Verdicchio, are Matelica and Castelli di Jesi. How are the wines different in the two areas?

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